Hello there. I am attempting to set up a website, let's see how this goes, eyyyye?

Okay but the question is, how to make all of this work together, eyyyyeh?

Here is a link to another page.


Such a good question thank you for asking
the curator, supposedly
What is this show about?
an artwork by Lucia C-A
Okay, here's the real stuff:

Chicago Textile Week presents NETWORK, an online exhibition with physical components curated by John R. Harness.

This show brings into being a new network of textile artists in Chicago. Installations, wall hangings, fashion, toys, weavings, and other fiber works explore themes of deep time, primordial water, and the genesis of life from inorganic material. At the same time, the presentation of this community via an interconnected web of digital platforms binds together these works into a semi-alive, growing being.

Taking the contemporary need for online presentation as an opportunity, Chicago Textile Week is inviting artists in NETWORK to contribute writing, audio, and other materials to a temporary online database that serves as the show's virtual component. This archive will grow over the months leading to Chicago Textile Week, becoming a record of the network of people, ideas, and objects brought into being through the creation of the show.